Biotechnological products and applications (BPA), 5 ECTS, total teaching hours 40 + 4 for literature theme presentations by MSc students

Aims: Familiarization with different directions and approaches in the field of Biotechnology, and understanding of the interconnections of applied biotechnology with basic research in molecular and cellular biology.

Sections: I, Microbial Biotechnology. II, Enzyme Biotechnology. III, Genetically Modified Organisms

Themes taught and (approximate) duration:

Section I: Introduction. Microbial production of biomass (2h), Horizontal gene transfer (2h), Leakage of genetic material to the environment: risks, safeguards, legislature (1h), Genetically modified bacteria (2h), Microbial production of primary metabolites (organic acid, aminoacids) (3h), Microbial production of high-value secondary metabolites (3h), Environmental Biotechnology: Microbial biodegradation of xenobiotics (3h).

Section II: Proteins as biotechnological products. Enzyme kinetics (2h), White Biotechnology: enzymes as tools for industrial production of high-value products (3h), Nanobiotechnology: enzymes and nanobiocatalysts for bioactive/therapeutic products (3h), Antimicrobial peptide designs (2h), Design/development of bioprocesses – bioreactors (6h).

Section III: Transgenic animals (3h), Transgenic plants (2h), Plant-microbe interactions (2h).


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