Cell growth, differentiation and cancer (CGDC), 5 ECTS, total teaching hours 36 + 4 for literature theme presentations by MSc students

Aims: Understanding of important aspects of carcinogenesis and cancer development (genetics/epigenetics, immunity and cancer, neoplastic angiogenesis) with emphasis on subjects that are within the research interests of members of the program’s teaching team.

Sections: I, Molecular basis and aberrations in cancer. II, Immune system and cancer. III, Angiogenesis in cancer. IV, Anticancer strategies and diagnostics.

Themes taught and (approximate) duration:

Section I: Genetic alterations and cancer (3h), Principles of pathology approach to neoplasms (2h), Molecular aberrations (pathogenetic mechanisms, genetic and epigenetic aberrations) of carcinomas (2h), lymphomas (2h), sarcomas (2h), melanomas (2h), Fundamental mechanism of cancer (2h), Epigenetics and cancer (2h), Cancer cell heterogeneity (2h), Genetic and epigenetic markers of cancer (2h), Cancer biomarkers and modern genomic technologies (2h).

Section II: Immunity and cancer (3h), Hallmarks of cancer (2h), Molecular mechanisms linking inflammation and cancer (2h).

Section III: Molecular mechanisms of neoplastic angiogenesis and metastasis (6h).

Section IV: Anticancer strategies and diagnostics (4h).

E-course: http://ecourse.uoi.gr/course/view.php?id=1814

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