Topics in Molecular and Cellular Biology (ΜCB), 10 ECTS, total teaching hours 60 + 4 for literature theme presentations by MSc students

Aims: Interconnection of basic principles of biology with current research developments and approaches in molecular and cellular biology.

Sections: I, Cellular organization and function. II, Genomes and gene regulation

Themes taught and (approximate) duration:

Section I: Organismal evolution (2h), Molecular evolution (2h), Chromatin, nuclear envelope, nucleo-cytoplasmic traffic (3h), Biosynthetic secretory pathway (2h), Protein folding in vitro (2h), Protein folding in vivo (2h), Unfolded protein response – ER stress (2h), Exocytosis (2h), Exosomes (2h), Endocytosis (4h), Cytoskeleton (4h), Transmembrane transport (3h).

Section II: Genome organization and evolution (3h), Mechanisms of gene expression in Prokarya (4h), Mechanisms of gene expression in Eukarya (4h), Transposable elements (2h), Gene regulation in conditions of thermal stress, oxidative stress, hypoxia (4h), Epigenetics (3h), Cell cycle regulation (2h), Cell cycle in oocytes and in egg cells (2h), Cell signaling and metabolism (2h), Examples of cell signaling pathways (4h).


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