Each student needs to work for his Master’s research thesis for a minimum of 12 months, during the second and the third semesters of study. In the second semester, the student engages in preparatory experimental and literature research (attendance of seminars on a particular research field and familiarization with research techniques that are to be used in the Master’s thesis). In the third semester, the student engages intensely in the preparation, writing and presentation of the Master’s Thesis. In addition, the master’s student education involves participation in research group seminars and literature revision seminars, as well as in invited researcher lectures that are organized in the hosting laboratories or in the context of the MSc program in general.

2021_Joint Seminars in Biotechnology, Biosciences, and Biomedical Research (first cycle: May-July 2021) co-organized by UCRI-Inst. of Biosciences, IMBB-FORTH, Biomedical Res. Dpt., and IIPPS Mol Cell Biol Biotechnol (pdf)

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